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Saturday, August 29, 2009


I was too ambitious, thinking i can fast full month this Ramadhan.....ended up with 2days MC :(
Told myself to go slow and decided to fast on alternate days only...insya-allah i can fast to the max for this Ramadhan.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Twins who are years apart

Everytime we meet somebody new; in the lift, shopping mall, in the train etc....people will give this comment "They look alike! Almost like twins!" Each time I'll just smile.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Over-due photos - Rahmat's 4th Bday

Shy birthday boy who refuse to smile for the camera.

Lil guest to Rahmat class...all smiley and happy to see toys and friends :P

Monday, March 16, 2009


As much as I do not want to practice favourism with my kids but its unavoidable. I know I sayang Rahmat more…..probably because I really try hard to conceive and finally GOD answered our prayers.

I hope my favourism will not too obvious else Ridzwan will hate me :(

Monday, March 09, 2009


My heart feel very sore, my head spinning & my stomache is having a dance party. I dont know what to think or trust or believe. I wished I can let it out but i cant. I need to find more "bottles" to store all this crap. Reasons are just too lame & comical......

To make worse, I feel nausea. . .

I need a lot of strength.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thru' his eyes........

Picture taken by Rahmat

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ridzwan 1st Birthday!

About 2 weeks before his birthday, I decided not to have a fanfare for his 1st Birthday. It was a hard decision. Parents usually would go hippo happy to do their child’s 1st birthday. After much consideration and experience from Rahmat’s 1st birthday, I think Ridzwan will not remember or know what’s happening. So I settled for mini celebration with both side of parents on 2 separate days.

KKPL gals met-up at Eatzi Steakhouse to celebrate Che-cher Mel’s birthday and since its Ridzwan’s birthday as well, I brought him along ;P

Birthday @Tampines

Birthday @Jurong

…. Lucky boy!

Hi. I'm Ridzwan Yusri!


Warning: late entry due to mummy's busy schedule :(

Different environment, new teachers, new friends, new learning concept and approach, I think its too much for a 4yr old to accept.

I was anxious and worried the night before. Checked and re-checked his bag couple of times, making sure I've packed all. I hope he'll like this school, friends and teachers. Learning from the mistake we made with the previous childcare, I want to ensure and help him adapt well.

The day started early. Woke him at 630am and got ready. Left home and took the 740 train.
(Rahmat's mood: excited and chatty. But half thru d journey, he got tired and just sat down, quiet. )
Reached the place, showed him around and explained that this will be his new school, teachers and friends.
(Mummy's mood: worried but optimistic.)

Hang around in the class while allowing Rahmat to warm up. Soon enough he is playing with his new friends. Seeing that he is ok so far, I asked "mummy go work ok sayang. Later mummy come and fetch you home." Kissed him and left.

Outside the class, I peep through while trying to hide away, he seems ok. I hope.